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Fundraisers and donors: Co-creators in something beautiful

My last post described fundraising as the joyful and holy task of telling others about the garden and inviting them to water it. http://lgreesor.com/generosity-like-well-watered-garden/

Fundraisers and donors are co-creators in something beautiful.  If you don’t believe this, you are going to have trouble asking others to support your charity.

Some of the beautiful creations I have seen lately include:

  • a student growing in confidence thanks to a spiritual mentor on campus
  • an enthusiastic senior showing off a hand-made Christmas card and exclaiming “Look what they helped me do!”
  • a joyful description of women working to improve their community in Nepal
  • a refugee family embracing Canada

Bad news abounds, I know.  Yet I am humbled that, both as a donor and as a fundraiser, I can be a co-creator in something beautiful.

Katoomba - Blue moutains





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