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Generosity is like a well-watered garden

And you will be like a watered garden,

And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.  Isaiah 58:11

I have described fundraising as the joyful and holy task of telling people about the garden and inviting them to water it.

Let’s think about gardens for a moment, shall we? It’s January and frozen where I am, so this should be therapeutic!

Tasmania GardenGardens need water. And not just ‘once in a while’ water, but steady and consistent water.  Gardeners are rewarded for their efforts with flowers and foliage. It’s a great deal – we get more than we give.

Fundraisers need to enjoy their gardens more and not just focus on weeds!  Share garden photos and stories often so that people remember to water the garden.

Donors want to know how the garden is doing. It reminds us not to use up all our water filling the pool. Regular donors keep things blooming. Donors who give monthly and automatically – the sprinkler system if you will – have a special place in the garden. Do you thank these donors regularly?  You should!

In generosity and in gardening, we get more than we give.  At our best, we are co-creators in something beautiful.  More on that next week.




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