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Poem on changes in giving patterns

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


in the glory days of trains

my grandparents rolled across the prairies on a steam engine

following tracks already laid

shovelling coal with all their might

giving what money they had

to keep the train running

they couldn’t steer the train but it didn’t matter

survival was the first destination

later the town of Budget in the land of Ministry

Times changed

but the rails were immoveable and so too the engineers

people withheld coal

stopped giving

some jumped ship

set their own course

alternate destinations

the engineers threatened and cajoled, cut loose the caboose

more coal, more coal

we need more coal!

the people who remained on the train did their best

Can it be a coincidence that metal fatigue and donor fatigue

describe the same phenomenon

where a repeatedly stressed part suffers a breakdown?


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