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Donor Research

Donor research helps an organization understand why its donors give and how to treat those donors better. In these turbulent times, guessing about your donors’ preferences and ideals results in wasted effort. Learning about your donors will add value to your organization.

Have you ever wondered: why is giving to my organization declining? Or perhaps you have some theories about how things are changing, but need to provide concrete evidence to key decision makers. Donor research helps you make decisions based on analysis and not on assumptions.

I am uniquely gifted to conduct donor research. My pastoral background makes me an excellent listener. My statistical and computer background gives me the ability to crunch numbers. Most importantly, I can find the story in the numbers and communicate what the data mean in practical terms to your organization.

Here are some examples of the types of donor research I can offer:

  • Conduct focus groups within your constituency. Comparing how the board views stewardship vs. how donors view stewardship can be illuminating, and provides a great way to generate discussion.
  • Administer written or web-based surveys, and compare the results to existing Canadian (or American) donor research.
  • Combine both focus groups and written surveys for an in-depth opportunity to listen to your donors.

Talking to donors is great fun, I always learn something new and you will too. Please contact me to talk further about how donor research can benefit your organization. I have considerable research experience and a passion for helping churches and charities make fundraising a joy.

“Christian charities are hungry for information and direction on how they can better resource their cause. Your research is needed.” - -