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Stewardship Coaching

Fundraising can feel awkward for a small church or charity. Perhaps you are asking for funds which include your own salary. You are an integral part of your ministry! Stewardship coaching can help grow a small organization.

I often hear people describe fundraising as “begging for money,” or have pastors tell me that they do not involve themselves in financial matters. It seems to me that money is a heart matter: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21).” Fundraising is not begging for money, but rather involving people in ministry.

Here’s the Circle of Grace model that I used in my D. Min. Thesis (based on the writing of New Testament scholar James Dunn). We all receive God’s grace. As stewards of this grace, we share it through gracious action towards other people. We share our time, talents and treasure – i.e. our money. The recipients praise God for what they have received.

Circle of Grace model of fundraising


Fundraising offers people the opportunity to participate in the gracious action that you are doing, however you define that gracious action. Everyone is involved in the circle of grace model.

This page offers the briefest of introductions to the theology that informs my stewardship coaching. I also have many practical suggestions. I am so pleased when coaching helps a small charity increase their ongoing support. Please contact me if I might help you further your ministry.