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If you work at a church or charity, it’s likely you are there because you believe in the work that you do. That’s wonderful! I expect that you are busy, resourceful and hard-working person. It makes perfect sense that you care more about the cause than about databases, and know more about international development (or poverty or missions) than about fundraising. And here is where I can help.


I can make sense of your organization’s database, whether you use a spreadsheet or
fundraising software. Who are your best donors? Who are your lapsed donors? What is your organization’s most cost-effective way of raising money? Your donor database contains a gold mine of information, waiting to be unearthed.

Donor treatment strategy

Database analysis often reveals that donors are not being thanked promptly or that many donors do not make a second gift. Analysis leads to strategy. I bring experience and knowledge of:

    • thank yous and gift acknowledgements
    • receipting
    • second gift strategy
    • donor retention
    • direct mail

It’s certain that your organization’s numbers will reveal stories, stories that will give direction to donor treatment. Please contact me to discuss how data analysis can guide your organization’s strategy.

“Lori Guenther Reesor’s research helps organization to better connect with donors.” - Mennonite Foundation of Canada Annual Report 2013
“I’ve been pleased to have Lori’s thoughtful analysis and encouragement at the table when planning and executing our fundraising campaign. “ - Fred Martin, Director of Development, Conrad Grebel University College