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How do I thank my donors?

More than one way to thank a donor

More than one way to thank a donor

I’m coatless in Winnipeg – in October! Astonishing. This morning I gave my “New Research on Christian Giving: Why we should treat our donors more like horses and less like cows” talk. Lots of questions. People wondered how they should thank their donors. I’m still a fan of a thank-you letter, signed by a human. Don’t ask for another gift, just say thank you. Promptly and sincerely.
A phone call also works, particularly for an older Christian donor who might see the cost of a stamp and letter as an unnecessary expense. (Yes, I know that your time is valuable too but donor math is different!) Social media could work too – so much depends on the type of organization.
Gratitude is so important! Write, call, tweet and let your donors know how important they are!

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