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Thank-you letter experiment continues…

Isn’t that a great photo?  Kittens in the barn.  You can see that they’re paying attention.

I’m paying attention too – paying attention to which charities say thank-you and when. Back in the spring, I blogged about an inadvertent fundraising experiment where I gave to number of charities on the same day.  I’m a fundraising geek so I was very curious to track the results!  It seemed that personal responses arrived more quickly than boilerplate ones…

giving to multiple charities at once experiment

After world turtle day in May, I wrote an update as a new round of letters appeared at the 6 week mark.

turtle update

Now it’s the fall and I have more news.  A heartfelt thank-you at the 5 month mark, from a development director who was reviewing gifts that might have fallen through the cracks during a staff transition.

And today – 6 months in – a personal email to advise of an upcoming thank you letter from a charity who is now changing how they handle gifts from donor-advised funds.  I appreciated the effort that went into figuring this one out.

Better late than never definitely applies here!  Gratitude is well worth sharing – who can you call, email or mail today to say ‘thank you’?  It doesn’t have to be long or complicated – a quick ‘thanks for your support, we appreciate your encouragement’ will do nicely.  I know that getting these thank-yous has encouraged me!

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