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Joyful fundraising for churches and charities.

Gain perspective, develop strategy and move your fundraising forward – faithfully.


Donor Research

Focus groups, surveys, reports. Guessing about your donors’ motivations wastes resources. Find out what your donors are thinking!


Workshops, presentations, sermons. A passionate speaker on faith-based fundraising.

Analysis and Strategy

Unearth the treasures buried in your donor database. Use data analysis to direct strategy.

Stewardship Coaching

Coaching can help grow a small organization. Move beyond begging for money to a more joyful approach!

From the Blog


“I love Lori Guenther Reesor’s description of fund-raising.  She says it is ‘the joyful and holy task of telling people about the garden and inviting them to water it.’” - Steve Carpenter, MennoMedia director of Development, quoted in The Mennonite, February 2014
“Lori brings strategic thinking, fundraising experience and the language of faith to conversations organizations need to have around fiscal realities and vision. “ - Fred Martin, Director of Development, Conrad Grebel University College
“Her rare understanding of church and best fundraising practices provides her with a valuable lens through which to analyze trends in Canadian faith communities.” - Mike Strathdee, CFP® Stewardship Consultant, Mennonite Foundation of Canada
“I found your presentation provided lots of helpful insights and ideas to ponder regarding how to relate to our donors and sustaining that relationship.” - -