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Lori Guenther Reesor

How I can help

Joyful fundraising for churches and charities is my goal. Is your organization doing wonderful work?  Fundraising invites others to join! Donors are not simply funding your organization – let’s turn that upside-down.  Your organization exists to connect people with a specific mission.  Your organization exists so that donors can live generously, giving and volunteering to make their corner of the world a better place. I’m convinced that every group has a story worth telling. I can help your church or charity share your stories so that people will be more involved.

As a Christian fundraising consultant, I bring heart, mind and soul to my work, including:

  • a pastoral heart and clear insight into why donors give
  • a creative mind to develop marketing plans and communication strategies
  • writer: blogs, newsletters, appeal letters, brochures and thank you cards.  Also a ghost-writer if you need help with your fundraising speech…
  • speaker: workshops, sermons, board meetings, special events
  • theological understanding of Christian giving.  This matters, or else we are just trying to wring money out of people.
  • technical skills to do analysis and work with databases – my computer and Statistics background give me an edge here!

What I’ve Done

Degrees in statistics, theology and ministry, all of it useful for understanding donors. I’ve spent my career in the charitable/church sector: I have been a marketing analyst for World Vision and a pastor, a fundraiser and donor. My passion for fundraising and theology lead me to pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree which I finished in 2014. Sponsored by Mennonite Foundation of Canada (now Abundance), my doctoral research looked at Christian giving in Canada, where I:

  • Conducted donor research in five provinces to examine how and why giving patterns are changing.
  • Facilitated focus groups, designed and administered written surveys.
  • Analyzed data and compared results to national studies.
  • Presented findings as a written report, a magazine article in the Canadian Mennonite and a workshop at Canadian Council of Christian Charities national conference.
  • Shared research findings with Christian leaders from MFC’s network.

During my studies, I was still involved in the non-profit sector, both as consultant and volunteer. I’m proud to have been part of a capital campaign team at Conrad Grebel University College, my alma mater. The campaign raised over six million dollars to support an academic building expansion. Moreover, the campaign celebrated shared vision, community and relationships.

I truly believe that nurturing generosity is a ministry and not merely a means to an end. My passion is to help charities and non-profits understand their donors and treat them better.

My Writings

Does the End Justify the Means?
Theology and fundraising
New Canadian Research into Christian Giving
Whom do you trust? Navigating the Shifting Giving Patterns and Shrinking Denominational Loyalty among Canadian Christians

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