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Dying well for congregations

I help congregations with generosity assessments. One of the big questions I ask churches is: “Are you two or three funerals away from disaster?” It’s joyful, challenging and sometimes vulnerable work (for both me and the congregation!)  This is a great article on ending...

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In praise of regrets

At yoga this morning, the woman beside me had ‘no regrets’ tattooed on her foot.  I assume she means – live life to the fullest.  Being literal-minded though, I wondered – what would it mean to have no regrets? For a ministerial screening program,...

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Poem on changes in giving patterns

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Train in the glory days of trains my grandparents rolled across the prairies on a steam engine following tracks already laid shovelling coal with all their might giving what money they had to keep the train running...

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